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A Toy For Everyone

Stop It But Don't Stop It

When You Know It's Wrong, But It Feels Right

A Toy For Everyone

They say that every girl feels lust the strongest during their young adulthood. Perhaps that was why I could feel myself burning inside every time I saw men staring my way or when someone would wink or wave hello whenever I walked into a bar or club. I couldn’t drink their liquor as I was only nineteen but I could definitely make up for it by getting drunk on cum. That was all I ever needed.

Unfortunately it was never enough. Sometimes I’d walk into a bar and walk out all dazed and sticky with cum still dripping down between my legs yet I felt like I could still go for more. Men tend to disappoint me though.

All they do is strip me down, push me on my knees, and quit after one or two rounds. They just fuck me quickly and then zip back up while I am left still burning for more.

Just a few nights ago I was at a club with two of my friends. They weren’t as open-minded as I was. Whenever a guy would squeeze their ass they would just shove it away. Whenever someone did that to me I’d take their hand and guide it to my pussy.

Someone did squeeze me that night. He was a man old enough to be my dad, but without a moment’s notice he took my hand and dragged me to the bathroom.

There were two other men in the bathroom but he didn’t seem to care. Perhaps he was drunk or just really horny; I know I was. He stood there and pushed me to my knees. I whipped his cock out and almost immediately began sucking on it like a hungry animal.

I didn’t even notice the other men until one of them grabbed my hips and slapped my ass. The sudden pain sent me lunging forward, choking myself on the older man’s cock..

The second guy lifted my skirt and for a while teased me with his cock. I felt him rubbing the head on my ass and then my pussy, getting my juices all over the place.

A Toy For Everyone

I was burning up, now that a cock was about to rip into me and one was already going down my throat. I lifted my ass up and the man pushed his cock right into my pussy, squeezing my hips as he did.

It didn’t last long though. As usual, they only lasted for as long as a commercial on TV. They both came inside me and when they were done they didn’t bother to even look at me. When I was alone I locked myself into a stall and played with my clit, rubbing and pinching until I squirted all over the bathroom floor, happy to finally be relieved.

This Friday night though was going to be different. It wasn’t a club for dancing or a bar to get wasted in. There weren’t going to be men half-drunk and wasted. This time I wasn’t going to just lie there and get pumped for five minutes. This time it was a dungeon and I was going to have the time of my life.

I heard of sex dungeons before and I did see a few videos on porn sites. The mere thought of being completely helpless in a secluded room and getting fucked by numerous strangers was exhilarating. Constantly my hands found their way down to my pussy and within the past day I had already reached a wild orgasm three times.

Now the hour has come. I was a simple girl, very petite, which is probably why men like me in the first place. I stood a mere 5’1″ and had black hair that flowed loosely down to my hips. For this special occasion I decided to wear a body-fit black and red mini-dress, with no bra or panty.

It was just high enough so that people could get a peak of my ass whenever I moved and bent down. Unfortunately I only had a size 34B pair of breasts but for a girl my height they seemed just right.

The dungeon was actually just a basement under a local hardware store. It seemed like the right place given that they had all the equipment to chain a girl down. Just walking across the street and heading towards the place already got my heart pounding.

I walked in and everyone was there waiting for me. I was the display for the night, something I was really proud of, and about four men escorted me down into the basement. Inside I saw roughly twenty to thirty people. Very few were women – all of them were on the floor with collars around their necks.

The dungeon itself was very simple. It was an empty room except for the table in the middle and the light bulb hanging just above it. Everyone but the female slaves was standing in a circle, waiting for me.