Blue Amber Rose is an erotic website that displays erotic content in a unique way, but…Allow me to introduce myself, I am going to be known as Blue Amber Rose…
This has become my pen name.


I have created a website as an outlet for my yearnings, because I know there are so many others like me, who want to feast on the fantasies of others and devour stories of love and lust.


My twist is that I have teamed with some of the most talented online artists available and over time have developed an animated GIF style unique to Blue Amber Rose in all my animated stories that I release.


Here on Blue Amber Rose, I will share with you my most intimate thoughts in my weekly blogs. It will not only be me, there will also be other blog writers joining us all along the journey, who will give us all the gift of their exciting adventures along with my quality animated stories, won’t that be FUN?!


Thank you for sharing your journey with me.