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Taboo Stories and Texts


Unspoken Practices And The Naughtiest Of Sex Acts

Eggcellent Vibrations

I guess I should start by introducing myself. My name is Nick. I’m 19 and still live at home with my Dad, Step Mom, and my older step-sister Carla. First, let me say I have no issue’s what so ever with Mom and Dad; they have always been fantastic. Every problem I’ve had since I was little can be attributed to my bitch of a step-sister and her evil following sheep friends.

Dad met my step-Mom Carol way back when I was young and Carla was the only downside to come with the marriage. My real Mom left us when I just was a baby so it was never really a big deal not knowing her. I had always assumed that things would get better when Carla grew up, that once she reached adulthood she would realize the world didn’t revolve around her. In reality though, she has actually gotten worse; and at 21 she is one of the biggest bitches and control freaks I’ve ever known.

I have a group of guys I’ve been friends with since junior high school; over the years Bret, Larry, Frank and Neil have spent so much time at my house that my parents often refer to them as their adopted sons. Needless to say, they have constantly been the target of my step-sister’s crap, her always getting her friends to flirt with mine and giggling afterward at how needy and desperate we seemed.

As much as I hate to admit it though, we were desperate. I can’t count the number of times she’s walked around with her friends with very little on and then went ballistic when she caught us looking, calling us dirty pervert’s and the like.

One night over dinner, my parents announced they were going to Europe on a second honeymoon. Dad smiled and looked at me and my bitch of a step-sister.

“Guys, you are both adults now and very capable of taking care of yourselves. Your Mom and I have opened a checking account with more than enough money to get the two of you by for about six weeks. Although we will make sure you have our travel schedule just in case there is an emergency, we are sure you’ll be able to handle anything that comes along.”

Carla and I were both happy for them. They had always been terrific parents and deserved to be able to get away for a while. They told us they would be leaving in a couple of days and assured us they would bring us back some great gifts.

We spent the next couple of nights helping them pack and prepare for their romantic holiday. When the big day arrived, Dad and I loaded everything into the cab and they were off. It was then that it hit me; for the next six weeks my bitch of a step-sister would be there to ruin things, but this time she wouldn’t have anyone to answer to.

She spent the rest of that afternoon in her room with her friends and when the guys came over at around 5:00, we sat in the rec room playing cards and making plans for the weekend.

After about an hour, the door opened and Carla’s friend Tiffany walked into the room. It only took a glance to see that Carla was up to her old tricks, sending her best friend Tiffany in wearing a bikini that barely covered her tits and pussy, she looked like such a whore. Naturally she drew the attention of my friends, and as soon as she saw that they were staring, she tore into them just as expected. Luckily I didn’t take the bait.

Eggcellent Vibrations

“What the fuck are you looking at? How many times do I have to tell you to keep your fucking eyes to yourself? All of you are totally worthless; I wouldn’t give any of you the time of day”, she shouted as the boys looked away in any direction that didn’t lead to her.

After her lengthy fit, she turned and stormed out of the room. Probably running to tell Carla all about just how pathetic my mates had acted. I looked at my friends though; and when I saw their faces, I realized that even though they had been through this time and time again, hearing that they were lonely losers still hurt.

They still weren’t used to pretty girls after all. I also realized that over the years I hadn’t been much of a friend, I had done nothing to try to stop Carla from bitching at them or from getting her and her friends to back off. I made up my mind there and then that I would see my step-sister pay.

I was not only going to see her pay for her current actions; I was going to see to it that she paid them back for all the pain she had caused over the years, and even though I couldn’t get to her directly for fear of ruining my parents holiday, I had the next best thing being thrown at me like some kind of pawn in a game. Her friends.

Bret tapped me on the shoulder when he saw the look on my face.

“What are you thinking my friend? You know she’s just being her usual bitchy self.”

I looked at him and shook my head and with all the calmness I could muster I looked up at all my pals.

“Guys, enough is enough! Carla’s about to be taught a lesson, one she will never forget. My step-sister is a sadistic cock teaser who doesn’t care about anyone other than herself.” Nobody said a word. I didn’t know if the guys were thinking about what I had said, or if they were just being quiet so I could blow-off some steam. What I did know was that I wasn’t finished.

“Look guys, I know each and every one of you would love to fuck my sisters friends! To be honest, I wouldn’t mind dipping into one of those pussies myself and I’m their leaders brother! After all, they are incredibly hot by social standards and their bodies make up for most of the things that come out of their mouths. We have no reason to feel bad, Carla has brought this on herself, and since we can’t get to her, we’ll start destroying her followers one by one, leaving her with nothing. It’s just too bad she’s going to have to learn the hard way.”

Huge grins appeared on the guy’s faces when I told them that by this time next week we would all be sampling the sweet little pussies of the friends that she’d been waving in front of our faces for so many years. The grins turned into looks of disbelief when I said:

“I’ll go one better. By this time next week, her friends will be begging us to fuck them.”

When we passed a sign that said we were only three miles away from Bakerville I assumed that’s where we were going. I was caught off-guard when we pulled over in front of what appeared to be a bar about a mile later.

The guys spent the next couple of hours trying to talk me into revealing my plan. Although I still had one minor detail to work-out, I knew that as long as my step-sister stuck to her usual habits everything would fall into place. It started getting late so the guys took-off.

There were strings of lights all over the building. I saw a few cars and pick-ups in the lot along with a number of motorcycles. After Vince helped me off the bike he grinned and said; “Since it’s a holiday weekend I don’t think there’s much open in town.

I walked over to the desk and found my digital camera; I made sure the camera was ready and took it with me upstairs to my bedroom. I didn’t want any more hassle’s with Carla so I called it a day, and with any amount of luck I would have everything I needed by this time tomorrow.

She was still asleep when I woke-up the next morning. I dressed and headed to an adult bookstore a few miles from the house. I had some idea about what I needed so I went directly to the room where they keep the different types of adult toys; luckily it took just a few minutes to find exactly what I was looking for.

I parked down the street from the house where I could watch for Carla’s friends and their boyfriends to pull up. Whenever Mom and Dad were out of town she always invited her douche bag peers over for drinks and would spend the nights dancing around in their bikinis by the pool.

What I was hoping for though, was that they’d do what they usually did, with the night ending up in a drunken party fuelled mess with sounds of sex ringing through the house. I only knew things got this crazy after coming home early from the movies one night and heard the loud moans of her friends coming from the spare bedroom, pool room and of course, from Carla’s room.

The big surprise though was that I even found her best friend Tiffany in my folks room once, fucking her boyfriend on my parents bed! Carla thought her and her friends could do whatever they wanted, and I wasn’t going to take it anymore.

It turned-out to be a short wait; only fifteen minutes after I parked my car, David; Carla’s boyfriend pulled into the drive with his friend Tom, followed by a car load of their lame friends, already sporting drinks and carrying chips and stereo speakers into the house.

Knowing that I had to wait a while though for the party to get into full swing, I drove around for a bit, went to the shop for some extra supplies and made my way back to the house a few hours later.

The music was pumping as I got home, and I was sure no one would notice my return over the loud drones of the beat.

Slowly, I snuck in and was heading upstairs to my room to get a good shot of the trashed pool outside my window when I heard loud moans coming from down the hall. To my surprise though, as I tip toed closer, I soon realized that the sounds were coming from my parents room and not Carla’s like I had first thought. Curious, and knowing no one should be in there with my folks away, I gradually turned the doorknob, still armed with my camera and opened the door a few inches. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Right there on my parents marital bed, was David, Carla’s ‘loyal’ boyfriend; on his back with his eyes closed while my step-sisters so called ‘best friend’ was slowly stroking his hard cock! There was no mistaking the look of pure lust on her face. My timing was perfect; just as I began snapping the pictures she lowered her head and took every inch of him into her mouth.

I made sure at least some of the shots had my parent’s wall as a background. I wanted to make sure it was obvious where the pictures had been taken and made sure to get a good few shots of both David and Tiffany’s faces for Carla.

Eggcellent Vibrations

I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched her continue sucking David’s prick. After a few minutes she straddled his hips, took hold of his cock, and lowered her body until his entire length was inside her. Her body was fantastic; I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever seen tits as perfect as hers.

I got plenty of shots of her riding his cock, shots of him fucking her from behind, even a few pictures of him sliding into her ass. After she had cum several times David shot his load inside her pussy and they both collapsed. That’s when I went back downstairs and returned to my car where I saved a copy of the pictures to my laptop and thanked my lucky stars.

Over the next few days I devoted all my time to working out the details of the big night. When the special day came, I managed to get my hands on some beer and drove to the adult book store to rent some porn videos. I had already called the guys to let them know when to come over. Now, all I had to do was confront Tiffany with what I knew.

When I got home I carried the beer and videos into the kitchen. I hurried to my room and grabbed the remote controlled egg I had bought earlier that week. I put my camera in the bag with the egg and began putting away the beer, making sure that I made as much noise as possible. As expected, it didn’t take long for Carla to burst into the kitchen, furious that I had disturbed her. I allowed her to finish without interruption. I couldn’t help grinning when I realized this was probably going to be the last time she ever treated me this way.

As soon as she realized I wasn’t upset she stopped.

“What the fuck is your problem, Nick? Do I have to remind you what happens when you really piss me off?”

I smiled at her, and asked if she could send Tiffany to the basement where my friends were hanging out.

Completely bewildered by the fact that I had seemed to brush her comments off, and bark her some orders for a change, Carla span around silently and went to her room with a stunned mullet look on her face to fetch Tiffany.

With me taking my place on the couch downstairs, Tiffany came in soon after. Pulling out my camera and with a sly grin on my face, I started to speak slowly.

“So Tiffany, it seems you haven’t been the best of friends to my dear step-sister Carla.”

Stuttering, Tiffany could only reply with a mere “I… uhhh”, surely not wanting to incriminate herself just yet.

“Lucky for you Tiff, we have a common goal to work with. You don’t want Carla to know that you’ve been sucking her boyfriends cock, and we want to teach her a lesson, so… I propose a deal. You know all too well what happens when Carla is mad. We’ve both had to put up with her selfishness, her over inflated ego, and her cruelty for years and years. Today, because of what’s on this camera, the tables will turn. From this point on you will do exactly as you are told, no questions asked, or I will tell her what you’ve been up to.”

I watched her jaw drop in disbelief. It was obvious she wasn’t used to having her friends kid brother talk back to her.

“How dare you speak to me in that way? What could you possibly have on that camera that would give you any kind of power over me?” Tiffany tried to test if I was bluffing or not.

I took the camera and brought-up the first of the pictures I’d taken. Because I knew she would try to destroy the camera as soon as she saw the first picture, I let her know it would accomplish nothing. “Before you look at these pictures you should know that there are copies. In other; words destroying the camera is not going to get you anywhere.”

I handed it to her with the image of her sucking David’s cock. Her face turned pale as she began going through all of the pictures; her hands were shaking as she saw the images of his cock inside her pussy and ass. For the first time in my life I saw my bitch step-sisters best friend speechless. When she looked up, I saw she was thoroughly confused as to what was happening. I knew it was time to lay it all out on the table for her.

“Tiffany, you need to listen very carefully to what I’m about to say. What do you think Carla would say if she saw these pictures? How would my parents feel about seeing you naked, fucking and sucking their daughters boyfriend on their bed?!”

She didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. She had a defeated look on her face. After what seemed like forever, she asked “What do you want from me? What will it take for you to keep the pictures private?”

Before I answered her questions, I warned her to pay close attention to everything I was about to say. I said that should she decide not to do exactly as she was told; Carla would be the least of her problems. “Your pictures will be sent to all your online friends; I will make it my life’s work to see you totally humiliated! Do I make myself clear?”

She slowly nodded and asked me what I wanted from her.