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Pining For Whitney

Whitney saw her best friend Kara’s brother as she walked through the basement to grab something in the cellar. This was like a second home to her, and since Kara and Whitney had been jobless after finishing college, none of the family really thought it was strange that she spent so much time around the house as the two were inseparable.

She did whatever she wanted, but sometimes she would purposefully go down stairs to see her best friend’s older brother Lance. He was an extremely attractive guy with long, brown hair and very appealing light blue eyes. He was a hottie, and she had often been lost in his eyes as they sat around eating dinner or watched TV.

However, she wanted to stay away from him as much as she could help herself so he didn’t get the wrong idea. She really liked him, but she was afraid of the reaction the man might have when he found out, and of course Whitney would hate to put her friendship with Kara at risk. That was why she wanted to admire him from afar and keep her thoughts to herself.

After a while she couldn’t take it anymore. She had had a crush on Lance for years now, and despite her friendship, today, seeing him strutting around with his shirt off, it had become too much and it was the day she was going to admit it.

Kara was upstairs working on a job application and said she was going to be a while. Whitney took the opportunity and saw her window; she was finally going to admit the truth and headed down stairs with an excited saunter, feeling confident having rehearsed what she would say over and over. She wanted to play it cool, luring him in with an oblivious seduction.

Lance practically lived in the basement. He had already finished college and worked online, and having the whole area to himself downstairs he didn’t have much reason to move out.

Pining For Whitney

When he saw Whitney, he looked her up and down, taking in the fit body that he had always admired. Lance would never have admitted it, but he had always had eyes for his sisters best friend. Like Whitney though, he knew that if he ever mentioned it or took things further he would be running the risk of ruining a long time family friendship and Kara would never forgive him.

As the years had passed though, and as he watched Whitney develop through her teens and blossom into her twenties, he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist his deep urges for much longer.

Whitney had grown into a beautiful woman with long auburn hair and creamy white skin and he had always wondered why she was so often single with her banging figure. Despite the already mentioned consequences though, it was also nearly impossible to get her away from Kara for enough time to say hello let alone have a full conversation alone.

Today seemed different though. Lance sensed a certain confidence about Whitney that he wasn’t used to, and seeing her walk past him, swaying her hips and heading down into the cellar, he thought he might as well bite the bullet and see if this was his lucky day. She was taking a longer amount of time than she usually did when she swanked in to grab a drink, and Lance thought he’d take his chance.

Slowly, trying to act casually, he walked down on to the split level and made his way in behind her. He locked the door behind himself and got close to her, smiling proudly at his long time crush.

“Surprise,” he said, lightly tapping her on the shoulder. She immediately jumped and squeaked, which was the cutest thing ever in his eyes. She turned around, flushing in embarrassment as she span to face her admirer and looked him straight in the eyes.

Instantly she was calmed by the pool blue pupils that stared back at her, and for a moment she even thought she had been dreaming since she had fantasied about this exact scenario so many times before.

Pinching herself and pushing out her words, Whitney spoke coyly playing the innocent role. “W-what are you doing?” she asked.

“I was going to ask you the same thing Whit. You seem to be taking longer than usual to get whatever you need and I cant help but think you’re up to something,” he smirked. “So, what are you doing back here all alone, huh? He gave her a very poignant look and she was taken back for a moment, thinking her plans had already been blown.

“I.. uh.. Was just looking for a refreshing drink and some ice, its pretty hot upstairs.” Whitney blurted her reply, trying to think on her feet.

“Oh really? Then how come you’re blushing? I know the air con works up there, so I’d say you’re the only thing that’s hot in this house.” He smiled a Cheshire grin as he spoke, looking at Whitney in a way that he had always wanted to, showing the want in his eyes.

Pining For Whitney

Whitney was lost for words. Had her crush just given her a compliment? Did the guy she had longed for for years feel the same way she did? She had to take her chance and knew that this could be the last she’d have in a while. With a deep breath, and trying to block out her nerves, Whitney confessed.

“Okay, you caught me. The temperature up there is fine” she laughed shakily, “but… truth is…well, I like you Lance. And not just as a friend or my best friend’s brother. I’ve wanted more than that for so many years.” Whitney sighed as she shot out the last of her nervous words, fearing that he’d laugh in her face or tell her to keep dreaming.

Catching her completely off guard though, Lance smiled, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Really? You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear that Whit. I’ve liked you forever but always figured Kara would hate me if I made a move.”

She looked at him with wide eyes, nodding as she listened but before she could say anything in reply, his lips were on hers in a hot kiss. She immediately kissed him back, loving the way the man felt against her. It was almost too good to be true, and was a dream that the both of them were finally living out.

He started to snake his tongue in, lightly touching and prodding at her lips for entrance. She quickly let him in, enjoying the warmth of him against her. Their kiss grew more passionate as the seconds passed, years worth of pent up want and attraction flooding out all at once.

Whitney was already growing weak at the knees, finally being in the arms of the man she had wanted to be with for so long. Lance pulled her closer, grabbing her by the hips and bringing him hard into him, feeling the warmth permeating from between her legs as she rubbed herself up against him.

“So, this is okay then?” he asked as he continued working his way down her body, caressing and kissing her neck as she tried to wipe the smile from her face with no luck.

“This is very okay,” she replied sexily, smirking as she finished her sentence. “What Kara doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

Lance smiled with the permission and started to pull off her light blue singlet top, revealing her cute pink bra and Whitney’s porcelain skin. He stood back to admire her for a second.

She was adorable, and he couldn’t believe he finally had her alone. She was so beautiful. A far cry from the dirty whores he had always ended up with in the past.