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Cobra Libre

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Cobra Libre

Category: Male Masturbators

Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre masturbator makes a great addition to any man’s sex toy collection. The gentle silicone receiving end is surrounded by two motors and two vibration centers.

You can easily switch between three different vibration modes – undulation, thumping and massage – with the touchpad located on top of this men’s sex toy.

The whole toy is only 5 1/2 inches long, and offers a 3-inch depth for you to enjoy. At two pounds, it isn’t the lightest personal pleasure massager for men on the market, but its added weight can make the sensations feel even better.

This adult toy is latex-free and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for any man with a desire to add a new twist to his personal time.

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What could be better than masturbating? Hands-free masturbating! Now you can pleasure yourself without doing all the work, thanks to the Cobra Libre masturbator.

Hold the pleasure massager in place and it does all the work for you, making it great whether you’re single or your significant other just isn’t in the mood. This personal pleasure toy is velvety soft to the touch, waterproof, and built to please with ease.

You can take things slow for a long, relaxing solo session, or tap the touchpad to ramp up the intensity. It’s a completely new way to experience pleasure.

All you have to do is hold on and let the Cobra Libre massaged you in ways you’d never be able to replicate on your own. It can be a fun way for a couple to heat things up before a night of passion too, leaving the man’s hands free to use on his partner.