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Love Bite Vampire

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Love Bite Vampire

Category: Lingerie

The Love Bite Vampire costume is perfect for theme parties, Halloween get togethers, and role-playing in the bedroom. Leg Avenue, one of the top lingerie and adult costume manufacturers, outdid itself with this sexy vamp outfit.

The set includes an adorable mini top hat with a red ribbon; a red choker with a few black chains; a red corset and a matching garter skirt. The corset has a floral pattern on the front, and it laces up with a red ribbon that leaves a sexy gap trailing down the midsection.

The scalloped top and black plastic boning give the corset a vampy appeal that will have your man begging you to bite his neck. The garter skirt completes the outfit with matching scalloping around the hem and sheer black fabric that drapes over the hips and butt of the costume. Clip the garters to a pair of

Black button

thigh-high tights and slip on some heels, and you’ll be ready for a sexy, erotic adventure. Nothing is sexier than an immortal, blood-sucking beauty, and now you can create the vampire fantasy at home with the Leg Avenue Love Bite Vampire costume.

This sultry adult outfit makes it impossible for anyone who sees you wrapped in the shiny, smooth fabric to resist your bewitching charm. When you’re strutting around the mortals in your vamp costume, they’ll be lining up to be your next victims, especially when you take your costume to the next level with some sexy stockings and heels to complete the picture of undead beauty.

This costume is not for the timid or faint of heart, as the super short garter skirt with its lacy black bow and the strapless, lace-up corset are quite revealing. It would certainly be a showstopper if you’re feeling risqué the next time you get invited to a theme party, but it’s even more fun to wear it in the bedroom for an unforgettable night of vampire role-playing.