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Strangers In Love

Fourteen years away from home was a very long time for Clint Adams, but now he was back with an accounts degree under his belt and better equipped to face a lot of old problems.

One reason for his return back home from his stay abroad was that his father had had a mild heart attack and wanted him back to take over the family confectionery business, which had seemed to slide down hill as his health did. In the absence of his father who was resting up at home, the staff seemed to be doing as they pleased, thieving stock and having no care for time.

From the top management to the bottom line office aid, they were fleecing the company in a very systematic way and no one was able to check it except the bosses secretary who was the only individual who did show some sort of loyalty to the boss and the company. This was the general situation of the business which Clint Adams was forced to take over.

“Look Dad, let me handle this situation my way”, he told his father.

“How is that son?” his father questioned.

“If I just walk in there and take over, I will not be able to get to the bottom of this mess, obviously they would slink back to their holes and pretend to be honest workers”, explained.

“So what do you propose to do son?”, the father asked.

“You see Dad, everybody in the company is under the impression that I’m still abroad, nobody has seen me before to recognize me as your son, so let me go there just as an ordinary worker, that way I could work and gain everybody’s confidence and find out where the leak is.” he told his father.

“A very sound idea, but how would you go about it?”, he questioned him.

“Inform your secretary that you are sending an out of town guy for an interview, tell her to recruit me as a clerk or whatever post as I’m the son of one of your friends. But to consult you before she gives me the appointment, that way I could pass as an ordinary guy.” he said.

Two days later Clint presented himself at the office very early. He planned to demonstrate his professionalism in any way he could. To give himself some hope of getting the job, the secretary would have to dispel any doubts right up front.

Strangers In Love

As he entered the main office room he noticed a the rear side of a trim girl perched on top of a chair adjusting the time in the battery operated wall clock high up in the wall.

Suddenly she lost her balance and came tumbling down and landed in the arms of Clint who happened to be there just in time. As she sat in his arms she took in his touch, the way his body felt against hers as he held her.

Though he gave an impression of strength, it seemed more a result of the way he carried himself than due to bulky muscles. He had beautiful eyes, great cheekbones and a long narrow nose that gave his face an aristocratic air.

Despite his straight composure though, he wore a slightly mocking, vaguely naughty irreverence in his smile that said he didn’t take things too seriously. That, as far as she was concerned, saved his looks from being too conservative, and it was his smile that drew her in.

Her stomach muscles tightened as she stood up. She folded her arms under her breasts and ran her practiced eyes over him. She felt her heart begin to race as he set her down, and she wasn’t quite sure why.

His mouth grew wider as he smiled at her as she asked “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”, before he could speak.

“I’m…” He was caught off guard by the question. Clint dug into his pocket and handed her a visiting card. His mouth twisted with amusement.

“I’m Clint Anderson”, he lied. “I was asked to meet the secretary by Mr. Adams”, he said.

She took the offered visiting card and began reading. Then, as she looked up, his smile broadened; from the way his eyes moved, the secretary could tell he was scanning her body. She handed the card back.

“So, you are the new guy the boss sent?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am” he replied.

“Please don’t call me ma’am, I’m Sydney Garrot, I’m the secretary here, you can call me Sydney” she said. “What type of job, may I ask, are you looking for?”

“Any kind of job will suite me ma’am… I mean Sydney.” he said.

“Can you handle accounts?” she asked. “I suppose you can.” she answered the question herself.

She motioned towards a table and started explaining things. “That will be your table, and you can handle all the accounts here, but I must warn you, this place is a hell hole with a pack of thieves, be vigilant, don’t fall into the clutches of the unscrupulous staff here, do your job properly and you will get along fine.” she advised him.

“You’ve got your lines down pretty well”, he remarked, a sly grin playing at the edge of his mouth. “How do you prepare for these interviews?”

She saw the skepticism on his face, but didn’t comment, as she continued walking towards her own table. “…And watch out for the two man eaters”, she said under her breath.

Just as she predicted two high and mighty sexy looking girls walked in to take their respective seats. Clint happened to glance at the wall clock and noticed that they were forty minutes late. No sooner were they in, having simply dumped their hand bags on their tables and retired to the canteen for their morning coffee.

Strangers In Love

Clint noted this with disgust and also observed Sydney fuming silently. His familiarity and his patronizing tone annoyed her. But it was important that she find a way to make him take her seriously.

“Appearances can be deceiving”, she said, restraining herself.

“You won’t have that problem with me,” he told her sweetly. “It doesn’t matter who I’m up against” he said. “I’m confident I can do my job. I know my ability.”

Sydney’s mouth twisted with amusement. “All I ask is that you have an open mind.” she said.

“What do your friends call you?” he asked her.

She was so taken aback by the sudden cordiality that she could only sputter,

“Syd, mostly.”

“Listen, Syd, I don’t know what you think of me, but I want one thing clear, nobody can influence me in my work, not even those two butt pushers whom you say belong to your staff”, he continued speaking soothingly.

“I don’t care if they’re purple and have two heads. A plunging neckline and a dynamite butt and thighs don’t count for much in my books. Believe it or not, I’m capable of keeping my pants zipped.” and then he added “I don’t know how all this sounds to you, but I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings.”

It took a moment, but Sydney regained her composure. “Frankly, Clint, I couldn’t be more pleased.” Smiling sweetly. “And in case you’re wondering, I can keep my skirt down, too.”

Clint’s wide mouth spread into a self-satisfied grin. “I think it’s time I got down to business.”

By the end of the second week Clint was able to gather enough proof that except for Syd, the purchasing officer and a couple of store keepers, all the rest were up to a lot of mischief, including the manager who was receiving quite a lot of kick-backs.

The two sexy butt swaggers were very efficient in juggling with the accounts, and under the instructions of the manager they were manipulating the systems to aid their own gains, this gave them the privilege of reporting to office whenever they liked.

“Syd, I’ve got some serious and confidential matters to discuss with you, can we meet in the evening?”, he asked her.

“Can’t we talk about it here?”, she asked back.

“No, the matters are too delicate to be discussed here, you see sometimes even the walls have ears”, he stated.

“I see, well okay, I don’t normally have the habit of going out with strangers.” she said sprightly. “Where do you suppose we could meet?”

“We’ll meet at the Pan Restaurant, we will not be disturbed there.” he said.

They met that evening and Syd was quite excited.

They met that evening and Syd was quite excited. She felt elated as if she was on her first date, in fact it seemed to be so even though he had stated it was strictly business. Clint informed her of his findings and wanted to get her advice on how to tackle the matter.

“You are sharp Clint, stay like that, I will inform the boss of this whole sordid affair and let him decide what action he should take”, she said while giving him a very pleasant smile. While they discussed their official matters, Clint slipped his hand on top of hers and let it rest there, wanting to know how she would react. Syd acknowledged by gripping his hand tight.

“Can I ask you a very personal question?”, he inquired drawing close to her.

Strangers In Love

“Sure, go ahead, what’s on your mind?”, she asked innocently.

“Are you married Syd?”



“Nope, haven’t had anyone special for a while”, she said a bit sadly.

Their first meeting ended with Clint inviting her to dinner and later escorted her home. They walked hand in hand like lovers and both were enjoying themselves.

As they stood at her door, Clint felt the warm flesh of her hand against his as they said their nights goodbyes, both resisting the urge to take things further for fear of risking their jobs or coming on too strong so fast.

“Well, I know you’re anxious to get to bed, but you can’t be on duty twenty-four hours a day. Everyone needs some time off so let me know if you’re ever free and want to relax”, Clint said coyly.

It was the beginning of a very platonic love affair. While they discussed quite a lot of official matters they also had time enough to meet frequently and finally Clint broke the ice. It was almost after eight months and several meetings in hotels and restaurants that that they declared each other’s love.

By this time Clint had got his father to terminate all the bad elements in the office, giving them the option of voluntarily tendering their resignations or languish in jail for cheating and misappropriation of company funds. They took the easy way out.

The business was running smoothly once again with the loyal hands still working, and one of them was Sydney.

At their next outing together they had been enjoying each others company and talking of silly things, when Syd gathered her composure. She smiled as she sipped her drink. Clint sat on the edge of the table watching her, his silence was misleading.

“If I do give you another chance, I suppose you’re going to renew your promise to work hard for the company?” she asked him.

“Yes”, he dropped his head so she wouldn’t see that there was more coming. “I know I promised that before, but this time I’ve got to tell you something, and I hope it doesn’t change things between us.”

“Is it a matter of business?”, she asked him, looking confused.

“‘It’s more than that, it’s more personal, and I hope you will forgive me.” he said. “Syd, I’m not who you think I am”, he continued while mustering the courage to stare her in the eyes.

“What do you mean?”, she asked slightly shaken.

“I’m not Clint Anderson as you think… I’m Clint Adams, your bosses only son, all these days I’ve been pretending to be someone else until I got this business straightened, I want you to be the first person to know my duel role.” he explained apologetically.

“You mean you have been deceiving even me?”, she asked stiffly.

“Yes, Syd and I’m very sorry”, he said with his glance going over her face, taking note of the rich luxuriance of her hair, the soft green of her eyes. He didn’t stop there. His glance traveled down her slender neck, to the shadowed hollow between her breasts, to which the silk of her top clung seductively.

“Let’s book into this hotel for the night, I want to tell you all about myself”, he said with his voice deceptively low.

“I was thinking of going home.” she tried to speak calmly as his hands gripped her elbow.

“I hoped you would say yes.” He was very close now, his breath against her face.

Sydney licked her lips tremulously. Her mind seemed to be separating from her body and she found herself leaning weakly against him, not wanting to move. She eventually gave in and they booked into the hotel and immediately Sydney stepped into the wash room to wash herself.

Inside she examined herself in the mirror. She was still beautiful, she thought, as she dropped her gown to the floor to stand naked. Her breasts were strikingly firm and creamy as were her buttocks and thighs.

Moments passed and she gained her confidence a little, taking a deep breath as she made her exit from the bathroom, walking over to Clint who was sitting on the bed half dressed.

He leaned over and lightly kissed the top of her shoulder. Her skin felt alive where his lips had touched her.